Avralize #Overdose#ArisingEmpire AVRALIZE’s brand new single ‘OVERDOSE ‘! Taken from their debut album “FREAKS”, out now worldwide!

Fronted by vocalist Severin Sailer, guitarist Philipp Tenberken, drummer Bastian Gölz and bassist Valentin NoackAVRALIZE [ˈɔːrəlaɪz] are gearing up to drop their debut album FREAKS, showcasing a compelling fusion of artistic elegance, heavy deathcore components, and futuristic sounds that promise to take fans on a journey to otherworldly realms.FREAKS will be out worldwide on March 22 via Arising Empire!Today, the band drops the video for “OVERDOSE.”Many worlds come together. A mix of vibe, technique and artistic creativity meets destructive breakdowns, provoking guitar riffs and catchy choruses. With finesse, the four guys from south Germany strike the perfect balance between the brutality of the deliberately used deathcore elements while incorporating a massive production and exciting grooves that you just want to dance to. AVRALIZE stands for perception through sound. That’s why the band has set itself the task of using certain stylistic devices, such as futuristic sounds, and melodies to cast a spell over their fans and let them wander into distant worlds.The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Manuel Renner: renowned producer that has worked on some critically acclaimed albums with acts such as Our Promise, Senna, Consvmer, and many more.“Releasing FREAKS is a wake-up call for all the people out there who feel lost, rejected, and abnormal. Nothing is ‘normal,’ nothing is ‘right’ or ‘wrong.’ We live in a world full of rules, but who has the right to set these rules? They exist subconsciously and can grow into walls with just one disapproving glance. Walls that hold us back from expressing ourselves and finding our true selves,” says vocalist Severin.FREAKS TRACKLISTING:“LOTUS”“HIGHER”“BRIGHT”“STAB BY STAB”“CANVAS”“ALIVE”“OVERDOSE”“FREAKS”Having shared the stage with scene heavyweights like Ghostkid, Novelists, Of Virtue, and Paleface, the group quickly established an energetic live show that turns crowds into a giant party on a regular basis. Despite their relatively short time as a band since their formation, AVRALIZE already performed at established festivals like Southside, Hurricane, and RockXplosion.AVRALIZE ARE:Severin Sailer — VocalsPhilipp Tenberken — GuitarValentin Noack — BassBastian Gölz — Drums
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