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selfdeception #hysteria #fightfirewithgasoline Self Deception – HYSTERIA (OFFICIAL VIDEO) Music produced by: Nicklas Eklund & Self Deception Music by: Self Deception & Nicklas Eklund Lyrics by: Andreas Clark More from Self Deception Follow us on Spotify: Listen to our playlist: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Homepage:

Get ready to delve into the dark and twisted world of social media with Self Deception‘s new single “Hysteria.”Following the success of their hit single “Matthew McConaughey,” Self Deception are back with a vengeance.This time, they’re shining a spotlight on society’s insatiable appetite for instant gratification and validation through social media. “Hysteria” confronts the obsession with fame and recognition in a world where authenticity often takes a backseat. “During a tour at a hotel breakfast, we saw a couple loading up a massive breakfast. They took tons of pictures, making it look like they were about to feast like kings. Then only nibble on half-an-egg and left. That’s when the idea for the song was born,” says the band’s Andreas Clark. But that’s not all.Fans can look forward to even more from Self Deception, as they announce their upcoming album Destroy the Art, set to drop later this year.With “HYSTERIA” as a taste of what’s to come, listeners can expect an album that challenges conventions and pushes boundaries.Self Deception are also set to appear at Louder Than Life + Aftershock festivals later this year.

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