St. Louis’ BEYhive Swarmed Downtown For Their Queen BEYONCE

Disclaimer: this review will lack so much detail because I’m not writing a book. This tour has to be experienced in the flesh to appreciate its true effects. So without further ado, my review.

It was a Monday night in downtown STL and the hive was buzzing in anticipation for their queen. For hours fans poured into The Dome at Americas center for Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour.  This was her first solo headlining tour since 2016, and everyone was here for it. The dome was filled with sequins, fringe, glitter and compliments. Saint Louis understood the assignment, SLAY FOR BEYONCÉ. *snap*

The larger than life screens were filled with the progress pride flag in a pattern like a program was off air. The first detail to a mega futuristic piece of art we were about to witness. This queen waits for no one. With an anticipated start time of 8pm, the crowd roared with any movement on stage or a change of light. At 9:12pm- it began. The opening act was in full swing, our first taste of this futuristic chrome opera. The queen blinded us with her first outfit. A strapless chrome top- form fitted yet futuristic with sleek long black skirt and a high slit. She was backed by a live band and lemme go ahead and shout out the VERY pregnant trumpet player. Bravo. The eclectic mix of dancers and musicians are quite the match for this tour. This was her house and it’s polished chrome, reflecting her gratitude for being in this industry for over 25 years, and the crowd certainly reflected back our appreciation for her. She didn’t sing this set for us, she sang the songs TO us. Magic was in the air and we were not even out of the opening act!

Renaissance: Beyoncé emerged from a chrome robot restraint revealing one of many metallic looks for the evening. “I’m That Girl” leads into “Cozy” where we saw robotic arms complimenting her every move. The entire act is a series of robotic arms flawlessly accompanying her singing in a very futuristic manner. The set impeccably entertains the crowd and we were introduced to the Les Twins dancing. A powerhouse duo of eerily mirrored dancers. Yet another perfect detail of Beyoncé’s reflective theme.

Motherboard: Let there be house. We have a video intro featuring water, yet another reflective nod. Beyoncé hit us with a series of nods to house music and club Bey was in full swing. Just when we thought we couldn’t get more from this stage, the pyro technics strike. We were in full on club mode with everyone on their feet dancing. “Break My Soul” was in our veins. The crowd was fully in the moment as Beyonce sashayed away ending the act.

Opulence:  we’re giving you 10’s. This segment was wild. Beyoncé delivered yet again on fashion. A full body glitter body suit and a black corset. Whew, this girl is a “Diva.” She reminded us during this act who runs the world, GIRLS. Blue Ivy made her appearance and reminded us all that two musical powerhouses create a natural born talent. The crowd embraced this little B and Blue showed us all what she was made of.  The queen wasn’t shy to remind everyone of their power, her power and that she’s a “Savage.” I can not stress how much I lived during this act. The energy was palatable. Beyoncé is fierce.

Anointed: The queen prepared her hive for church. This act provided one of my favorite interludes. I don’t have all day to visually describe in full detail of these graphics, but just look em up. It’s amazing, but completely surreal to see in person. The highlight of the video to me was watching a white robe get scanned by a light and change into a pastel stained glass patterned robe. Again, look for the video! Bring the beat in, here we go. Every song in this act slowed us all down a bit for us to take in the lyrics. Now just because we were embracing lyrics doesn’t mean we weren’t gifted yet another shiny outfit! Knee high black latex boots, a black and silver psychedelic sequin bodysuit, a matching black cape lined with silver sequins and gloves bedazzled like a disco ball. During this act, a ginormous disco ball hovered above the crowd, the entire dome was shining. “Crazy in Love” took this audience to a new level. It was loud.

Anointed: pt.2- Beyoncé never looked so good in a disco ball clam shell. It was Virgo season last night. This bodysuit was signature on this tour. A LOEWE’s signature Trompe l’oeil hands motif, reimagined with gold crystals and paired with black rubber latex gloves. Amazing. I was simple and eye catching. This was an act all about our queen. It was intimate, and sexy. She left everything on the table, and the crowd couldn’t get enough. The sounds of tens of thousands fans snapping got me “Heated.” What more did she have to offer at this point?

Mind Control: the final act. Songs of a siren with a hypnotizing spiral brilliantly opened this scene. Whoever controls the media, controls the mind was our theme. Beyoncé was on air. She had her beyhive in a trance. She literally became the queen bee for the first half, sporting a bright yellow bedazzled mesh bodysuit, paired with yellow lensed bug eye glasses. She became the bee that her hive worships. As the energy rose, the audience was captivated by the nod to the underground ballroom with her dancers showcasing a variety of solo dances. Beyoncé rose from the stage atop a giant embellished stallion, she was harnessed and wearing what one can only describe as a disco ball gown. This was the “Summer Renaissance” and Beyoncé dismounted her horse and freely floated above everyone. She rose up with everyone below her as glitter filled the air. She became the disco ball. She was the embodiment of Summer. Disco is not dead.

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