Pentatonix World Tour Made a Stop in STL

Photo Credit: Lee Goodman

Pentatonix, the Grammy Award-winning a-cappella quintet and masked singer semi-finalists, performed on Monday at Hollywood Casino Amphitheater in Maryland Heights.

Pentatonix: The World Tour is an ongoing ninth concert tour promoting their greatest hits. They brought along runner up American Idol contestant, Lauren Alaina.

The cool August night brought the most diverse crowd I’ve ever been apart of. It was for sure an all ages show.

Photo Credit: Lee Goodman

Lauren Alaina is a spitfire southern bell from Rossville, Georgia. She was runner up on American idols tenth season, so she’s been around, but now she’s being heard. Her set covered a lot  of music from her previous albums, but the crowd came alive when she performed her Lainey Wilson duet,”Thicc As Thieves”. A handful of the audience knew the drill- “Shake that big ole butt you got,” Wilson shared. A fan having the time of her life dancing caught Laurens piercing blue eyes. She sang directly to this woman and said,” I wish everyone was enjoying the show as much as this woman” it was the sweetest moment. Lauren is a highly personable performer and SEEN her audience. She didn’t skip a beat between songs. She’s a force to be seen. This little lady is gonna be headlining tours the next time she comes through town, mark my words.

Pentatonix started their show fashionably late, but ya know vocals divas are allowed to start whenever they want. The Sing-Off winners sauntered on stage dressed for comfort. You don’t need glitz and glamour with voices like that.

It was so off putting to see a stage setup without instruments at a concert.  The stage was  simple and the focus was on them.

Opening with an iconic cover of “radioactive”, we were quickly blanketed with flawless harmonies. The sound board nailed it.

The setlist was jam packed and featured all of their greatest hits, but my favorite melody was the melody of their newest album,”The Lucky Ones.”

It was an album sampler to better describe this moment, snippets from every song on the album- all artists should drop something like this for every up and coming albums.

There were many highlights during this show including Kevin’s Bach Celloboxing, and four part harmony audience participation.

Check out their Tik-Toks to see our glorious rendition of Adele’s “Easy on Me.”

The best sing along concert I’ve ever attended. The crowd participation and crowd interactions really is an experience I recommend to anyone.

The show wrapped up with a very intimate and personal performance of “ My Heart With You” -NO MICROPHONES. The entire venue was so quiet you could literally hear a pin drop. A very  beautifully eerie moment of nothing but smooth harmonies. It was incredible.

We we’re sent home with “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Who could ask for a better ending to a beautiful night of music? California Roll- we love you (and from the very first note sang on masked singer, I knew it was you all).

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